Limor & Daniel Kroll


Limor is a fashion connoisseur with a great taste and eye for quality, innovation, and emerging trends. She is responsible on scouting new talents, sourcing unique works and curating KCA’s exhibitions and sales.
Daniel is a third generation art collector and entrepreneur. Previously as the Chairman of HMFI, and today as a Director of Hermitage Museum Foundation US, Daniel has played an active role in fostering cultural relations between Israeli, American and Russian Museums, by supporting numerous exhibitions, events and institutions.
Since 2010 both Limor and Daniel have been deeply involved in the contemporary art scene in Israel and has been cultivating personal connections with emerging and established artists in Israel and Europe. They have been collecting their artworks, commissioning new ones, brainstorming new ideas and projects and exposing their creations to local and international markets.

We believe that art isn’t just about filling up blank walls, it’s about making thoughtful art selections that tell the unique story behind every space.

From residential to corporate to institutional, we bring our unique and experienced perspective in telling stories through art.