by nvrmnd_krollco
10 months ago

Chantele has recently come onto the Art scene, recognised as being one of the top 12 ‘Young Gun Artists’ for up and coming Artists in London in 2019. Although having an extensive background in the medium and completing her Art Degree at the University of East London, specialising in Silk Screen Printing, Chantele has continued to self develop a truly unique style.

By using spray paints and markers, Chantele’s work visually dips in and out of the Street / Pop  Print World. Each piece is an Original – the stencils used can be resprayed but the close up details within are their own.

Influenced by all things from the Pop Art scene in the late 80’s early 90’s, mixed with more current culture, light hearted humour and classic characters. These pieces instantly catch your attention from afar with the recognisable characters and then really draw you in at the details up close.

Contemporary,Pop Art

Spray and Markers

English (United Kingdom)

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