by nvrmnd_krollco
10 months ago

David a Belgium – Israeli, bold and groundbreaking artist. Creative arts are part of his DNA since the very beginning as he was drawing and painting practically on everything. 

David was inspired by the great masters of the 20th century such as Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Miró and by the notorious street pop artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. He studied at the Centre des Arts Decoratifs de Bruxelles (CAD) in 1989 and continued to develop his unique and progressed painting technique. 

David’s works, which were exhibited since 1993 in Belgium, France and The Netherlands, always come with a message and try to convey a feeling which led to their creation. The word that defines him best is “Creation” as he strives to create something new every day.

Contemporary, Abstract Art

Oil on canvas and Paper

Belgium – Israeli

Selected Works