Katya Rozz

by nvrmnd_krollco
2 years ago

Katya Rozz is a self-taught Israeli artist and surface pattern designer, born in Belarus. Katya is most known for her tropical watercolor botanical paintings and exotic pattern designs. 

The majority of Katya’s paintings and designs are inspired by the natural world and the aesthetics of tropical, botanical, and animal shapes. Katya’s work is associated with bright colors, attention to detail, and high contrasts.

Aiming to be a constantly evolving artist, Katya continually develops herself through self-education, learning new skills, and experimenting with new mediums. In addition to working on watercolor and acrylic paintings inspired by the beauty of Israeli nature, Katya is artistically involved in several commercial projects in the fashion industry, packaging design, etc.

Contemporary, Hyperrealism

Watercolor on Paper and Acrylic on Canvas


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