by nvrmnd_krollco
7 months ago

Nir is an Israeli sought-after photographer born to freelance in 1983. 

“I take euphoric moments and try to generate a three dimensional feeling with every image, so the viewer want to jump into the game, be part of it. There’s a hidden message in the artworks that every viewer must discover while developing his own sensations and becoming part of my story and his own at the same time. Each artwork has its own special printing technique such as wood, leather or jeans that represent my personal character and my world perspective. I also use diamonds and diverse accessories in my works. I emphasize beauty and esthetics, a very important condiment of modern art.

The universe of my photography is influenced by the constant desire for freedom and various artistic fields: cinema, theater, fashion and creative writing.”

Photography, Nudes

Print on Wood, Plexiglass and Leather


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