by nvrmnd_krollco
8 months ago

Rotem is a hyperrealism artist, painter and sculptor. She has developed multiple hyperrealism techniques, and is teaching them to over 200 students a year at the Academy of Painting in Ramat Gan, Israel.

Her first steps in creating art came about from focusing on life basic questions such as who we are, what are our thoughts, our consciousness and why we are here in the first place.

Rotem works using different materials and mediums like sculpting in clay, pencil drawings, oil and wood and more. Her goal as an artist is to lift human spirit, create works full of color, that bring light and hope, and to enrich the world with love, enjoyment and pleasure.

Contemporary, Hyperrealism

Pencil Drawings, Oil on Canvas


2024 – Solo exhibition, Amber Sparks Association (October 2024)
2020 – Solo exhibition, Tel Shifun winery, north of Israel

2023 – Cigar magazine group exhibition, Lotan Gallery Jaffa
2023 – Group exhibition, Yad Lebanim Haifa
2023 – Group exhibition, Lotan Gallery Jaffa
2022 – Group exhibition, Steiner Gallery, Austria Vienna
2021 – Group exhibition, Beit Zioni America Tel Aviv
2019 – Group exhibition, VAVA gallery Italy
2016 – Group exhibition, Tel Aviv

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