by nvrmnd_krollco
10 months ago

Sophie is a high-tech executive, social activist, and a visual artist.

She hand-carves paper using a razor sharp blade, reshaping a traditional, symmetrical, and rather tame art form. Her work is a commentary on the woman’s place – within herself and within society.

She is also a three-time immigrant, a third-culture kid, and a mother of two daughters.

Like sculpture, papercut art is the act of creation through the act of taking away. While traditional papercut is often symmetrical and flawless, Sophie’s works are not cut, but carved, bursting with emotional, autobiographical energy, often appearing haphazard.

The collection depicts the collective subconscious suffering of women. “The struggles we overcome in silence, while the world around us tells us we are equal. Yet, the work is hopeful that women can have sufficient internal power to create the world they want to live in”.


Paper Carving

Israeli, American, Russian

Selected Works