Vered Gersztenkorn

by nvrmnd_krollco
2 years ago

Vered Gersztenkorn is an Israeli contemporary artist, born in 1964. She is a self-taught artist who’s inspiration is derived mainly from the 1940’s rebellious Art Brut movement (trans, raw art, rough art), known for its infamous nonconformist, individualist, artists such as Jean Dubuffet, Jean-Michelle Basquiat, and André Breton. 

Gersztenkorn says that she draws her ideas from everything that catches her eye in her nearby surroundings, and afar: “a peeling old wall, my studio, a messy table, a newspaper, children’s drawings and of course, other people’s art”. 

Gersztenkorn art is cryptic, intriguing, humorous and definitively not one that you can stay indifferent to. Her naive brush strokes and artistic outlet is more of an abstract one which juggle the format and the beholders eye. Her nonfigurative body of work entails colorful stories, textural and childish looking animals, and distorted still life. 

Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions in numerous galleries, as well as added to the collections of well known private collectors, in Israel, Europe and the USA.

Contemporary, Abstract

Oil on Canvas and Wood


Selected Works