Yael Shahar Sarid

by nvrmnd_krollco
2 years ago

Yael Shahar Sarid was born in 1969 in Israel. She studied art and graphics in high school and wrote about culture and art in her military service while serving at the “GDNA camp”.

After the army Yael had a night job at “Hadashot” newspaper. She got the first opportunity to illustrate and created “Zohar Argov” portrait. She then traveled to the United States, returned to Israel and started illustrating for Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

Yael is a true artist, illustrator and a journalist with previous columns in different magazines. She wrote about family, do it your self and food. The artistic aspect of her career focuses on creating unique, original and precise paper cut artworks. She has one of a king working process. 

Yael works were illustrated in many newspapers, magazines, books, discs covers and more. Her works are part of many important private collection including the building of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany. 

Contemporary, Portraits, Still Life

Oil on canvas and Paper Cuts


Selected Works