Galit Hof is an Israeli contemporary artist, born in 1981. Ever since her childhood she was spending time at the beach and even to this day the silent roar of the crashing waves is the sound of her existence. 

For most people, the beach is a place to stroll along on weekends, or a place of calm, or a place to cool off on a hot summer’s day. For Galit, the seashore is her home, her escape, her sanctuary. It was only after people on the beach nicknamed her “Galit from the beach” (Hof) when she decided to adopt the Hebrew word “Hof” (beach) as her last name.

Galit’s work is full of passion, movement and life. She is a true inherent artist who spend all her time creating in one way or another.

Contemporary, Abstract

Oil on canvas, Collage


Selected Works