by nvrmnd_krollco
5 months ago

“I like the mess of painting: a wild space of diverse occurrences, a jumbled language, blowing in
the wind, unraveled. Sunset transforms into a sign which transforms into a screen which
transforms into a painting. Meaning is superimposed upon meaning, language upon language.
Almost an image.

My painting largely engages with the question of how you perceive and construct reality; how,
within open and scrambled systems of knowledge, a link may be created between you and the
world, between you and yourself. I am interested in paintings that come together and deconstruct
before your very eyes, and you are an active partner in their construction. Painting is also a real
attempt to meet, to see the other in the blended space of meanings.

You could say I am addicted to painting, to its infinite possibilities, to the freedom it offers within
its predetermined space. I am also addicted to the engagement with matter, to the sensuality of a
substance that transforms into an image, yet remains a substance: material blends with material,
one image encounters another; the fruitful tension between eye and hand, between
consciousness and the body, imaginary and real, virtual and actual. In the space of painting, the
boundaries between all these categories blur and dissolve, and you are free to embark on a

Contemporary, Abstract

Oil on Canvas


2012-2014 MFA , Bezalel academy of Art, Israel, Tel Aviv wing

2005 -2009- B.F.A. in Art, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

2008 – Exchange studies at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Baltimore, Maryland, USA

2021 Shortlisted for the Keshet prize , Herzelia musum of Art.

2014- Featured in the book “100 Painters Of Tomorrow”, “Thames&Hudson”, London, by Kurt Beers

2011- The Osnat Mozes prize for a young painter, 2011

2009 – The Mitchell Presser Prize for Excellence in Painting ,Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv museum of Art, Chongqing museum of contemporary art,

China, The American University Museum, Washington DC, Leumi Bank collection, Mitchell Presser

collection (NY), various private collections in Israel, USA, London and China.

2022- “here Is there”, Hezi Cohen gallery, Tel Aviv

2021-2022- “Working Memory”, ELSC center for brain research, the Hebrew university, Jerusalem.

2019- “Chain of Elements” , Changyang museum of art, Chongqing, China.

2019- “Hamudi Tours”, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2017- “Great sunset”, Cipa gallery, Beijing, China

2016- “Touch Me”, Rosenbach gallery, Jerusalem

2015- “Self Production”, Feinberg Projects gallery, Tel Aviv

2014- Bezalel MFA show, Tel Aviv

2012- “Asking images”, solo exhibition, The OsnatMozes prize for a young painter exhibition, Artists House, Jerusalem

2011- “Loading” (dual exhibition) , Tavi Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2019- Representing Israel at the Beijing Art Biennale 2019, China

2019- “No Body, No soil”, Bar-David Museum, Kibbutz Bar’am

2019- Overload, Fake news\Fake truth, Haifa Art museum

2018- RE:formation of the Jewish Body, American Jewish University, Bel Air, California

2018- 2017- Aiming for Touch(down), P8 gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017- “Arena”, The new gallery, Jerusalem

2016- “Take Painting”, PetachTikva museum of Art, Israel

2015 – “Merkaz” (Center), Rozenbach Contemporary gallery, Jerusalem

2015 – “Summer Day Dream”, Feinberg Projects gallery, Tel Aviv

2015- “Young Israeli Art salon”, London

2015- “Achshav”, Rogue space, Chelsea, NY

2014- “100 Painters of Tomorrow”, One Art Space, New York

2014- Be my guest, Hagaf Gallery, Haifa

2014-Winter salon, Feinberg projects Gallery, Tel Aviv

2012- Fresh Paint, Tel aviv, young artists green house

“2012- “New Spaces”, Mani house, Leumi Bank, Tel Aviv

2017- Art Beijing, with Cipa gallery, Beijing, China

2015- Silicon Valley Art Fair, San Francisco, USA

2017- The Print house, Jerusalem

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