by nvrmnd_krollco
10 months ago

Eric Brakha, an autodidact artist, was born in 1957 in Paris, France. His works are full of soul and depth and are characterized by bold bright colours. Eric’s well known works are collages on wood or canvas where he mixes different materials such as acrylic, watercolour, newspapers, paper cuts, epoxy and more.

In 2019 Eric took part in a unique exhibition by 15 contemporary Israeli and international street art and graffiti artists dedicated to DC Comics hero Batman. The exhibition was curated by award-winning French photographer and artist Daniel Siboni. Siboni and Eric worked on a joint original piece which attracted a lot of attention.

Eric’s works are part of the most prominent private collections in Israel and abroad and are being sold in different auction houses.

Contemporary, Pop Art

Oil on Canvas and Wood

French – Israeli

Selected Works