by nvrmnd_krollco
4 years ago

grAzie is a New Zealand born visual artist based in London. Her most recent work is a riotous celebration of life and the love of being a woman. 

Exploring the many facets of the female form The artist ́s girls are captured in personal moments of intimacy, reflection and thought depicted in bright colours to express the beauty within. The artist’s distinct style blends inspiration from fashion, music and pop youth culture create works that are impactful and evocative. 

She repeatedly turns to a distinct colour motif that is an intense palette of pastels with pops of neon, muted tones of gold and black. Experimentation with spray paint, acrylic, diamond dust and water based paint on canvas or metallic card brings to life a series of bold and provocative pieces that merge underlying elements of pop, street and abstract art. 

grAzie studied Fine Arts at Canterbury University, NZ and went on to travel and paint the world.

Contemporary, Visual Art

Oil on Canvas

New Zealand

Selected Works